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Classes & Schedule

SUNDAY JUNE 27, 2016

Arrival to the area and check-in to your place of lodging.

The schedule of classes is shown below. The schedule changes every year because we tailor the schedule to our students, their interests, and skill levels.  This is one of the great advantages of having a small camp.  

2016 Rolland Fiddle Camp schedule for fiddlers (banjo players meet separately)


8:30-9am   camp check-in                      9am                                 9am                                      9am                                 9am
9am            camp orientation                  warm-up; techniques      warm-up; techniques           warm-up; techniques      warm-up; techniques
                  3. Elements: scale,                with Peter                        with Peter                            with Peter                       with Peter
                                                                in room 306                     in room 306                        in room 306                     in room 306

9:30am      faculty round robin               9:30-10:15                       9:30-10:15                           9:30-10:15                      9:30-10:15                      
10am         Learn a tune by ear               Folk Orchestra                 Folk Orchestra                    Folk Orchestra                Folk Orchestra                
                 Scale, Arpeggio, Rolls           in room 216                     in room 216                         in room 216                    in room 216
11:15am    Folk Orchestra                   10:30-11:45                     10:30-11:45                        10:30-11:45                     10:30-11:45    
                                                                core class                        core class                             core class                         core class

11:45am     Lunch & free time                Lunch & free time          Lunch & free time               Lunch & free time         Lunch & free time

1:15-1:45 "Jamming 101"                     1:30 Workshop classes    1:30 Workshop classes        1:30 Workshop classes   1:30 core classes

1:45-2:15  "Everybody sings"     
2:30-3:30   core class                             core classes                      core classes                           core classes                    leave for the wrap-up concert
                                                                                                                                                                                             at The Cowboy Church

3:40-4:30    Workshop classes                band practice                   band practice                        band practice                  3:30-5:25 wrap-up concert
                                                                                                                                                                                             followed by dinner & camp jam

5pm            Vacate building                    vacate building                vacate building                    vacate building               vacate building

6pm            Jam session at the               dinner at Tony's               dinner on your own              dinner in the mountains  camp & community jam session
                   Rolland's  house                  Mountain Pizza               7:30 faculty concert              jamming                         6-8pm at The Cowboy Church
                                                               square dance with live
                                                               live music by the
                                                               RFC string band

Folk Orchestra has parts for players of all skill levels.  All RFC-ers are encouraged to participate in some way, even the beginners.  This is an opportunity to play a second instrument if you wish.  Clawhammer banjo students will follow a separate track but if possible will participate at some point with fiddlers in string-band fashion.

You will be assigned to core teachers based on information you have provided in your registration application and in any subsequent communications with us.   The teachers, their specialties, bio and samples can be found on the TEACHERS page.

Afternoon workshops will cover a variety of topics, and if more than one is offered at a given time slot and day, you may attend whichever one you prefer, even if it is not given by your core teacher.  This will also be a time when one-on-one sessions and masterclass sessions with teachers may be scheduled.  The workshop topics may have broad appeal or specific narrow focus.  Because the camp has limited size, we will be able to tailor workshops to the interests of students.  We will announce workshop topics later on after we have examined most of the the registration applications.

We'll form compatible bands based on skill level, student interest and diversity considerations.  Practice sessions are guided by a faculty member.  Bands work on tunes and ensemble skills throughout the week and participate at the final concert.

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